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Jewellery That Makes You Special

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Our Story

Star of Sweden, a fast growing Swedish company that offers fashionable jewellery with Scandinavian design. Our jewellery are available online and at selected boutiques around the country. Star of Sweden is known for its innovative gift concept, where each color tells a story. The story of how you carry yourself.

Our ambition is to offer jewellery that will be kept close to heart at all times. Pieces that has a meaning and that catches the words spoken in a piece of jewellery you always carry with you.Quality and design are important to us in our work and we are constantly striving to provide quality to an affordable price.Tell your loved one what you appreciate about her with the ultimate gift from Carry Yourself by Star of Sweden.

    The idea behind Carry Yourself awakened when a very special person told me how I am perceived by her and how she sees me; how I carry myself. Sometimes it can be difficult to catch the words spoken. Carry Yourself captures the words, let them live there with you, in the symbol of a piece of jewellery you always carry with you. In this way the words still live in the heart long after the gift is given and you wear it on the path through your unique journey – all of life’s meaningful moments.- Malin Andren, owner and founder.